Thought creates our world then says ‘I didn’t do it.’ David Bohm, Scientist

Understanding what blocks you is the key to understanding what makes you flow. To understand this takes a journey of self-discovery, one that takes you from your outer world to your inner world, and to your experience of both.

Flow is always there, it never goes away. It’s a constant that just patiently waits for you to access it when nothing else gets in your way.

You innocently allow blocks to occur due to a number of outer and inner circumstances, yet both types of circumstances always point to the same thing – to you being the experiencer.

The question is, what are you really being the experiencer of?

You may perceive that experience is something that happens to you from outside of yourself – something gives you an experience – like a circumstance or a person.

Things outside of you can convincingly seem to be the cause of your blocks, like a client u-turning on a brief or a deadline suddenly becoming impossibly tight.

You may also perceive that experience is something that happens to you from inside of yourself – you are experiencing yourself – like your feelings in a particular moment.

Things inside of you can also be the cause of your blocks, like a sudden bout of self-doubt or becoming overwhelmed by too much going on in your head.

Outer and inner experiences may seem to come from different sources yet they’re both being created from the same thing – the thoughts inside your head.

Whether it’s thoughts about a circumstance or thoughts about yourself, they’re both experienced within you.

What you’re experiencing is the incredible power of thought which brings to life the full range of your human experience and it can do this because thought is also the power behind everything you feel.

You’re only ever the experiencer of your own thoughts.

You have a thought, then you have an experience of your thought via your own sensory system which creates a feeling.

Now this is where things become uniquely individual to you. What you feel about any given thought is down to your own concepts, beliefs, values and the meaning you give it. Your thoughts create your own personal experience of reality in every given moment.

Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created. Sydney Banks, Philosopher and Teacher

So how does this relate to creative block?

When you start to see that the power of thought is the creator of your experience it gives you a lot of breathing space.

Suddenly, it’s not the client or the deadline that blocks you – it’s your own thoughts about the client or deadline and your felt experience of that.

Neither is it a sudden lack of confidence that blocks you – it’s your own thoughts about your confidence and your felt experience of that.

You can breathe life and meaning into any thought you have.

Whatever thought you bring to life, in any given moment, will become your experience, good, bad, happy, sad, block.

When you’re consumed with your own personal thoughts, that’s all you can experience in that moment.

However, once you start to understand that you are the experiencer of thought and not the victim of it, then unhelpful, limiting, self-defeating thinking, the sort that blocks your flow, can fade into the background and suddenly fall away. It loses it’s emotional charge and your mind can get some space.

Flow states are known to be that space without the awareness of conscious thought consuming your moment-to-moment experience.

It’s the space that allows fresh ideas to flow from your subconscious and superconscious mind and the lack of personal thinking gives you the space to hear them.

Once you start to understand how your experience is being created, then your understanding of flow can really begin.

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