The services I offer have been developed to enlighten creative professionals like yourself on the inner workings of the creative experience, by understanding how your mind works.

I delve deep behind the psychological scenes, sharing principles that explain why the creative block and flow cycle happens and how it impinges on every aspect of your working life.

When you have a clearer understanding of how your mind works, you can be much more effective and efficient in anything you do.

You can access the high-performance state of Flow.

I help to shine a light on your blind-spots so that you can move past them quicker, navigate your blocks with ease, access more of your creative capacity when you need it the most and spend much more of your working time in flow.

Everything I share is first-hand, from years of personal insights and experience exploring what obstructs and what enhances the creative process.

Some of the topics I bring to light are:

Creative block and flow
Creative mindset
Creative longevity
Creative capacity
Fresh ideas and insight
Best ideas and pressure
Brainstorming blocks
Presentation anxiety
Teams and deep listening
Clients and connection
Overwhelm and burnout
Getting your mojo back

Each of my services is bespoke to the individual, team or organisation I’m working with, yet they’re all underpinned by the principles behind Creative Block & Flow, and can be delivered in a few different ways:

1 to 1 coaching programmes
1 to 1 intensives with follow-up coaching

Small teams and large agencies
Team workshops with follow-up coaching

If you would like to work with me or find out more about what I can do to help you, please go to the Contact Form on the Contact page and share with me your area of interest.