I’ve been having weekly brainstorming sessions with another creative. Every time we meet up we can’t come up with anything new and it gets worse every time. I’ve felt blocked. Now I can’t wait for the next meeting as I now know what’s going on. Creative Director attending the Promaxbda session
Promaxbda Berlin, I presented a talk to 300 creatives from the broadcasting industry titled Creative Flow: Can understanding how we think make us more creative? These incredibly talented professionals were from companies such as the BBC, Canal+, Discovery Channel, Red Bee, Turner, Gédéon, Disney and many others.

These creatives were at the top of their game and picking up their awards later that evening, but even though they were the best of the best, they still encountered the same universal experience of creative block and flow, which they shared after the session.

Your session really spoke to me. I’ve been an Art Director for 17 years and now I’m in my 40’s I’ve been having all kinds of insecure thoughts. I now feel so relieved I’ve not lost it. Art Director attending the Promaxbda session
I really loved your session, I was thinking, yes, yes that happens to me, that’s what’s going on for me and as I’m getting older it’s getting worse and want the solution to make it stop! Designer attending the Promaxbda session
I really got what you were saying. Recently I had got to a burnout point and had to say to my boss ‘I just can’t work any more’. I had too much going on in my head so I had to take 3 months off work. Now I really get what was going on. Designer attending the Promaxbda session
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